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"Your health in good hands"


Welcome to my massagepractice

The massage, probably the oldest healing art on earth, is also considered the archetype of treatment for various diseases. Medical massages and professional therapies are ideal to relieve pain, tension, illnesses as well as physical and psychological stress. Of course to preventively keep the body healthy. Massage stretches the muscles and mobilizes the joints, relaxes the body and soothes the mind. Massage warms the soul and makes you happy.

In my practice for medical massages you will find a wide range of options, be it a relaxing massage or a targeted therapeutic treatment.

I look forward to welcome you to my practice !

Stefania Iliu







You can find my bright, friendly massage practice in the Elsässerstrasse 129, 4056 Basel (right next to the Novartis Campus).

I am recognized by the health supplementary insurances (ASCA and EMR).

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