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Manual lymph drainage

The manual lymphatic drainage is the massage "of the gentle kind". The lymphatic system is an important part of our body's defense against the immune system. Absorbed fats are removed from the bloodstream via the lymph channels. They ensure the excretion of excess tissue fluid. A targeted sequence of individual rhythmic, gentle pumping, circular and pressing movements sets the lymph in motion and accelerates the removal of the "waste". The calming rhythm and the gentle type of massage have a very positive effect on the vegetative nervous system and give relaxation and recreation.


  • Primary lymphedema (congenital disorders)

  • Secondary lymphedema (after accidents and surgical interventions, e.g. after tumor treatment or crane pathways)

  • Traumatic damage (hematoma, swelling, strains)

  • Scar

  • After intensive sporting activities, you will quickly be fit and productive again

  • Congestion during pregnancy (especially in the legs, feet or hands)

  • Headache /migraine

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