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Recognized by the health supplementary insurances (ASCA and EMR)

ZSR-Nummer: B765961


The services are in accordance with tariff 590 (outpatient complementary medical services VVG), invoiced in 5 minute units.



  • Classic massage

  • Manual lymph drainage

  • Connective tissue massage

       CHF 10.00 per 5 minutes

  • Sports massage

  • Trigger point massage

       CHF 12.00 per 5 minutes

  • Reflexology massage

       CHF 8:00 per 5 minutes


Payment is made online or in cash after the treatment. After the treatment has ended, you will receive a recovery document, which you can forward to your health insurance company.

Additional insurance:

  • Ask your health insurance provider whether you have additional insurance that covers massage therapy.

  • Ask what proportion of the treatment costs will be covered.

  • Ask your health insurance company whether your supplementary insurance includes an annual fixed amount (franchise) and is limited by an annual maximum amount.


In the case of appointments that have not been canceled or that have not been canceled at least 24 hours in advance, I must invoice you for the reserved time. I therefore expressly ask my customers to cancel appointments that cannot be taken in good time (at least 24 hours in advance). All short-term appointments can no longer be canceled.

Punctuality / delay:

In order to avoid unnecessary waiting times, I make individual, fixed treatment appointments. These dates are reserved exclusively for you. If I arrive late, I cannot extend the treatment time.

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