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Reflexology massage

The reflexology massage affects the organs, the lymphatic system, the autonomic nervous system but also the entire musculature and thus also our statics (joints, ligaments and bone structures). Internal organs and glands are stimulated, meridians stimulated and fault zones eliminated. A targeted tactile finding enables the body to perceive information specifically. The reflex points on the feet are stimulated and a lack of balance is restored. The energetic circulation between the organs and body regions is optimally promoted. The blood circulation in the whole body is clearly stimulated. Joints and joint capsules are mobilized, giving them more space. This has a direct positive effect on the tendon and muscle approaches and thus on your general statics.


  • Cystitis (supportive)

  • Bladder weakness and general bladder problems

  • Flatulence and flatulence

  • So-called "women's diseases"

  • Menopausal symptoms

  • Chronic respiratory problems

  • Headache migraine

  • Stress relief

  • Back pain

  • Circulatory disorders

  • Joint diseases

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